Gaitway Neurophysio provides Neurophysio therapy in Hamilton and nearby areas.

Our neuro rehabilitation services are your ticket to wellness.

Retrain your brain using innovative research based movements in a fun way.

This way of rehabilitating is not only used for Parkinson’s disease but for all neurological conditions for brain changes can be made after stroke, MS or head injury. We can help you get your functional independence back.

Gaitway Neurophysio founder and owner - Orla Hares


When we first see you, we need to get a baseline of your overall condition. We look into issues you want to work on and where you see your therapy sessions taking you. We also work with you to outline any movement problems, weaknesses, balance difficulties or walking difficulties. The assessments are a getting to know you session and you are welcome to ask any questions of us too.  We need to work together to improve your ability to move so the assessment is a time to gauge whether we will be a good fit. If you forget to ask something at the first session, we can be contacted anytime by phone or email.  If you would like someone with you for the first session, that is ok too just bear in mind distancing rules and everyone needs to be masked!.  Care partners are an important part of the team so I may need to ask them questions too.  With everyone on your team, we can make the greatest changes!

Gaitway Neurophysio provides neurological physiotherapy services and programs.

Sessions and Programs

Parkinson’s disease or any neurological condition affects everyone differently, therefore, we work with you on your issues to give you the greatest outcomes. We work with you from the first session, devise a plan which gives you immediate benefits. We tailor programs to fit you but we also have set weekly, monthly or 12 weeks programs for you to choose from too.  If you would like to work with a group, then we have a 12 week bootcamp program which would be right up  your alley!  If you want to work on your own first, we can tailor the sessions to suit you and your lifestyle.  Need to change a particular time, no problem, again lets work around your needs so you can focus on what is important. Any session or program we set for you, should not be a stressful experience, we are here to help and to guide you and will keep you moving as long as you want us as part of your team. As long as you put in some hardwork, we will match it and show you what can be possible!

Pilates and zumba for Parkinson's disease therapy and mobility


Pilates and Zumba can rehabilitate the body. Our pilates and Zumba classes are the perfect combinations to help you achieve your goals and improve mobility.


Explore a new way of getting fit while improving your mental health and wellbeing.

Using the powerful tools of mindfulness, yoga and fitness, learn how to move and experience wholeness in a safe, comfortable environment.

Rock Steady Boxing

Hit Parkinson’s harder with Rock Steady Boxing. Our fitness instructor, Barb Drysdale, provides a non-contact boxing inspired fitness program which has been proven to dramatically improve the symptoms and progression of Parkinson’s disease. She encourages boxers to participate at their level but cheers you on to give your best effort while also having FUN!

Online Neuro Physiotherapy Services Hamilton

Virtual Therapy/ Virtual Classes

We’ve all had a steep learning curve when it came to accessing classes online.  Being virtual has also opened access to classes from people you never knew were there!  Having this type of medium can help keep you moving even if you can’t go far from home.   Individual virtual physiotherapy can work well if you are able to access a computer with a camera and if the therapist can see you.   It takes a little time to get used to it, but it can be a great way to stay connected and to work on specific issues.  Virtual classes are a convenient low stress medium for accessing exercise. If you need to be encouraged by an instructor, then live classes are the way to go. If you need support from a group setting then watching others work out along side you can be a great motivator.  In-person classes are great for the comradery and support but virtual classes can help supplement this.  Virtual classes at Gaitway are held twice weekly for an  hour. You get lots of instructions, you get to follow the instructor and you get corrected too as long as you keep exercising in front of the camera! Try a class for free and get hooked!

Outdoor Walking Groups

Gaitway Neurophysio provides weekly hikes in local regions around the Greater Hamilton Area and nearby communities. Join in for group support while using local hiking trails. These walks are great for getting you out early, getting the instruction on how to walk with poles (if you choose to use them) and to chat to others who have Parkinsons. Having support from someone else who has Parkinsons, give you insight and help rather than trying to get a healthcare worker to help who may not know all the things available to you….. Being outdoors and walking trails also helps with mental health. It can help combat depression and keep you focussed on what’s important:- your ability to move and stay well.

Smovey rings

These rings are a dynamic fitness tool which help Parkinson’s symptoms. Parkinsons research in a nutshell currently indicates that exercise for Parkinsons needs to be intense, with large amplitude (big movements), repetitive and functional. These rings fit the bill for all these components.

Let’s Retrain
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