Pilates classes for Parkinsons Disease in Hamilton

Pilates and Zumba


Is a technique of exercising that integrates biomechanical principles and proper body alignment to promote body awareness and functional movement.
Pilates facilitates musculoskeletal performance, strength, flexibility, with focus on core stability, pelvic and shoulder stabilization, body alignment, and breathing. Some of the benefits of Pilates are: core strength, injury prevention, better posture, improved pelvic floor strength, body awareness, stress relief , improved athletic performance, improved balance and coordination.

Pilates workouts can be performed with specialized apparatus, or on a mat.


This class is a total body workout, ideal for men and women. It is ideal for improving posture, flexibility, stability and strength, by implementing the principles and fundamentals of Pilates. Every week this class uses different types of props to sculpt your body, with emphasis on your deep core muscles. At the end of the class you will feel stronger but also calmer due to the release of physical and mental stress.


This class stretches and strengthens the body by incorporating biomechanical principles that are related to body awareness and alignment. This class focuses on loosening up tight muscles and lengthening the body from the top to the bottom.

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